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    Experienced Piano Movers in Auckland

    Only Use Professionals To Move Any Size Piano

    Pianos are extremely intricate. To move a piano is not just a matter of wrapping it in a blanket and carrying it to the truck. Moving a piano takes a certain skill set and the right tools. It is vastly different than moving furniture based on the shape, size, and weight. Approaching moving a piano like furniture can result in damage to the piano and more importantly, to the people involved. Many furniture movers will tell their clients they are certified to move pianos, but this isn’t always the case. Regular house-hold movers are focused on appliances, couches, cabinets and beds. The piano has many components and if not handled properly then it can be expensive to replace damaged parts.

    Easy Movers Are Certified to Relocate Pianos

    We have a capable team that is readily available now to relocate your piano. If required, we offer an express pickup and delivery service for concerts, birthdays and special occasions and can include a return to the original address if also required. For specialist jobs like piano moving we run just one specifically trained crew who will attend to all our piano relocations.

    Give Us a Call and We Can Discuss the Process

    Our crew carry all the right tools on board to minimise any risk of damage to the piano or floors. Whatever the piano style we can move it. Let us move your Grand Piano or upright piano anywhere in Auckland. This team of Auckland piano movers have got a reputation that is unbeatable, and you will agree after you read our feedback!

    Available When You Need Us

    We’re open 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! This is to make sure your piano move fits to your schedule. Have a crane service, window and or door removal service available, just give us a call if you have any special needs.

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