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    Best Pool Table Moving And Relocation in Auckland

    Never Attempt to Relocate a Pool Table Yourself!

    Auckland pool table movers are available now. Most pool tables are slate top and any attempt to move them intact will cause the slate to crack and breakthrough rendering it useless. And, slate is very expensive to replace! Our team will remove the felt allowing us to remove the slate. For this, you will need specialist tools. We have the tools and the experience.

    What Auckland Pool Table Movers Can Do for You

    Disassemble, carefully, remove the felt (to reuse the felt will be depending on its condition). We can move Pool tables to another room or maybe to another suburb or city. We offer an express pick-up and delivery service for bars, clubs, birthdays and special occasions and can move your pool table or snooker table anywhere in Auckland. Moving into an apartment on the upper floor, or perhaps you need the pool table on your home’s second floor? Crane service is available for lifting into difficult spaces. Window, door and fence removal services are available … FREE CALL 0800327966

    We Have the Experience Required to Carry out the Job

    Our specialist team is highly trained to move pool tables. That’s all they do so they know their stuff. Pool tables come in many different shapes and sizes, we have the tools to move them all! They are a well-trained team of experienced snooker table movers with over 30 years of experience in table re-locations that are readily available now to relocate your table. We will have the right tools onboard to ensure your pool table is moved safely.

    Try Us, You Will Be Glad You Did

    Easy Movers is an Auckland moving company with specialist pool table movers, snooker table movers with an unbeatable reputation, you will agree after you read our feedback! You will rest assured that your pool table is in the best possible hands. We’re open 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! This is to make sure your pool table relocation fits your schedule. We transport the world’s finest snooker tables daily using our specialist team and equipment.

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