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 We Can Move Anything – We Are The Specialists

Most removal companies are not geared up for specialist moves. They are well equipped for general household furniture, appliances and boxes removals but they do not have the specialist tools for the projects listed below and it is highly likely that they do not have the experience. Be certain about who you hire for these removal projects listed here.

Piano Moves

All types of pianos, including baby grands, grands, spinets, uprights, and organs can be moved. All trucks are equipped to move standard upright pianos. We have teams that have been specially trained to relocate all types of pianos, we also have all the tools to move pianos upstairs or downstairs. 


 Gun Safes and Safes Relocation

We have the skills and equipment to move them in the right way, the safe way. Gun safes can come in all sizes and weights. We have different size trucks with hiabs and tail lifts that can assist with the relocation. We have skids, dollies and trolleys of all sizes to make sure your safe is moved safely.


 Fitness Machines Moved

Exercise equipment can be extremely heavy or intricately wired and some equipment requires more experience than general movers have. Not all trolleys can help so technique is generally the key here to move awkward shaped gym equipment. We have moved hundreds of different shaped and different sized gym equipment.


 Copiers Of All Sizes Moved

We move copiers in and out of office buildings on a regular basis regardless of size or quantity. We have dollies and trolleys of all sizes to make sure your copier is moved safely upstairs or downstairs. We can also build ramps to make sure that copiers can be safely moved downstairs and or upstairs. 


 Antiques Handled With Care

If necessary, we’ll build a crate around an antique to ensure the utmost care. Antiques have not only extreme monetary value but also even bigger emotional one. When moving, it is of extreme importance that we keep these items as safe as possible. Over the years, our moving teams have successfully moved items all over NZ.


 Fine Art Treated Carefully

This division of our team is equipped with specialist fine art moving equipment and staffed by an expert team. Our fine art team moves hundreds of paintings, sculptures and installations for leading galleries. Moving fine art and installations locally, intercity providing end-to-end logistical support for fairs and exhibitions.


 Heavy Equipment Moved

Heavy equipment is no issue for us. We have the expertise, men and tools to move all items. Our teams liked to be challenged and love to problem solve. Along with the right equipment a lot comes down to the technique on how heavy items are moved, we have over 20+ years of experience so remember to call Easy Movers for your next big move.


 Spa Pool Moves

Our spa pools division has a team equipped with specialist spa pool moving equipment and is staffed by an expert team. We have used a helicopter lifting service to get spa pools into the perfect position for customers, moving spas pools into some very difficult access locations all over the country, please ask our team for advice.


 Pool Table Moves

Please don’t let other moving companies talk you into moving a large table by simply removing the legs! Pool tables are very heavy and you run the chance of damaging the slate, they’re not made to moved as a whole and need to be dismantled. We can dismantle pool tables, billiard tables, snooker tables relocated and reassembled safely upstairs or downstairs. Please ask our team for advice.


Crane, Helicopter or Hiab Lifts

We have teams trained in lifting what other movers say is impossible. In our versatile group of contractors we have helicopters, cranes and hiabs of all sizes. Be sure to call the professionals when you need to get heavy and or difficult items lifted into places that just seem impossible!


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