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25 Apr

Team Of Packers And Movers For Our Move

Thanks for arranging the team of packers and movers for our move on Sunday. It is a stressful thing to do under normal circumstance but for Privani and I more so at the moment. Kim and Ian in particular were just brilliant. They were incredibly helpful and kind, as well as giving us good advice regarding things that were concerning us and that we hadn’t thought about. They went the extra mile and were just fantastic throughout the day. They stayed longer than expected and helped with tasks that we had no answer for yet and were dreading still doing this week. I can’t express how much of a relief and help it was to have them around … it was almost like they were good friends mucking in. I will happily recommend Easy Movers and Kim and Ian to anyone who needs help with a move!

Wayne and his associate (whose name I hate to admit I’ve forgotten) were also great. I didn’t engage as much with them, but they took also on more than expected, stayed longer than expected and I know Wayne have other family commitments to meet that afternoon. They were very competent, considerate movers, taking great care of our stuff. Please pass Priv and my grateful thanks to them for us.

Many thanks for your help and coordination of all of this.


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